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Nephrology Medicine

Nephrology medicine is an innovation to pediatrics and medication that involves itself with an analysis of general function of kidney, treatment of kidney ailments, renal substitution therapy and kidney problems (kidney transplantation and dialysis). Intrinsic conditions that attack the kidneys, (for example, autoimmune disease and diabetes) as well as systemic issues that happen as a consequence of kidney issues, (for example, hypertension and renal osteodystrophy) are additionally examined in nephrology and treated by nephrology medicine.

A doctor who has pursued extra training to become a master in the field of nephrology may name themselves a renal doctor or nephrologist. Our medicine is additionally utilized in curing, treating, averting and enhancing various conditions, diseases and side effects that are named as Anti transplant dismissal, Immunosuppressive Prophylaxis of cardiac or renal dismissal.