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Chemotherapy (regularly shortened to chemo) is the treatment of tumor with at least one cytotoxic anti-neoplastic medications ("chemotherapeutic specialists") as a feature of an institutionalized program. It might be provided with a therapeudic plan or it might mean to extent life or to vindicate side effects.

Chemotherapy procedure is sometimes utilized as a part of combination with other tumor treatments, for example, surgery, hyperthermia therapy and/or radiation therapy. Particular chemotherapeutic operators additionally have a part in the treatment of different diseases, including multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, systemic lupus erythematsus, scleroderma, ankylosing spondylitis, Crohn's ailment, psoriatic joint pain and rheumatoid joint inflammation. Chemotherapy may utilize one medication at any given moment (single-specialist chemotherapy) or some medications at one time (amalgamation of polychemotherapy or chemotherapy).

It is utilizing drugs that change over to cytotoxic mechanism just upon light introduction is called photodynamic treatment or photochemotherapy.

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